Fine Art - Kirill Buryak Photography
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The Birth of Elements

The Birth of Elements

Honored to have my photography featured on the cover of Surreal Beauty Magazine
"The Birth of Elements"
Fashion and style are powerful forces. Not only they can transform the body - they are capable of transforming the space that surrounds us. The space, inhabited by the elements - air, water, fire - and by the forces of our passions, our love of beauty and of the dramatic. It’s an alchemist’s lab where the elements are mixed and fused together to embody our ideas of what beauty is.
Photographer: Kirill Buryak | Kirill Buryak Photography
Model, H&MUA, Designer/Stylist: Laura New Myers
Creative retouching: Irene Vernier (Sunny Crow Studio)
Editorial essay: Alexander Buryak | Александр Буряк

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