Nebula Editorial - Kirill Buryak Photography

Fashion, and then high fashion, haute couture, has begun not at the moment of creation, but at the moment of “the fall”, when Adam and Eve realized they were… underdressed.

God created perfect bodies for Adam and Eve, but Eve wanted to look different, starting from her first fashion accessory, if you will - a white umbrella - to change up her looks on different days, and according to the seasons, following her moods and whims. In time, Adam will follow suit.

Adam emerged into this world, untethered, sincerely happy, dancing with complete abandon. Yet Eve is already eyeing the universe as her new home, which is not yet habitable, not furnished, and without a certain beauty that she already imagines.

Later Eve’s desire to be beautiful and beguiling will spark the birth of fashion - the art of transforming the body with clothes, which will become an art form, fulfilling Eve’s need to look different, each day, and especially different from all the other “Eves”.

But all of that will come much later.

At the moment, captured in our editorial, we see a metaphor of the process of creation, when the heavens were yet not separated from the Earth. We see a snapshot of Adam and Eve’s bodies being formed from “the dust and clay and light”.

This moment feels so powerful, so mystical and so magical, because the heavenly forces are working on the pinnacle of their Creation. We can still see God’s perfect blueprints. The “seams” are still being stitched. The blue skies have not yet been created - we still see the original, ever-expanding, dark Cosmos. You can’t see the Creator in the frame, but his hand is undoubtedly present, his style is unmistakable.

If it were not for the white umbrella, this scene looks timeless. The umbrella in the art piece serves as a conduit into our envisioning of what happened millennia ago.

In these photographs colorless light is floating above the earth. The smoke and the dust are settling, covering the shreds of the original fabrics and thread, as the seams are being stitched, the creator is finished making his creation.

Now it is up to us, Adam and Eve’s offspring, to pick up where they left off – instilled with the creative spirit to design. Starting with their first fashion accessory pictured here, the umbrella, and extending into high fashion to make the world beautiful and delight the five senses. The touch of silk fabrics, the smell of French perfumes, the sound of Beethoven’s 5th, the taste of haute cuisine and of course the sight of the catwalk – high fashion – the ultimate creation… of man.

editorial essay by Alexander Buryak


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